Started by Rampagious, June 12, 2008, 10:46:44 am

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I know many of you avoid myspace like the plague but I think its convienient....anyone on here wanna see my pics and all the jazz hit me up at ...Would be nice to see some old friends and foes.

when you gettin in game ~   

btw, you have a reqeust $

I didn't realize you were that close to me.  I work in diamondhead and the Pass.

Haha I goto Lawlers in diamondhead every thursday for kereokee....Im in the pass for a few hours a day at the beach on that side.

Went to The Lounge in the Diamondhead bowling alley last

I have been taking lunch and beers at Uncle Joe's Pizza and Wings.  I'll have to check the lounge out sometime.

Jesus.  You guys sound like a couple of huge rednecks.


Wait a goddamn minute. Something wrong with a "Redneck" ?

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