Application Template (Copy+Paste = Win)

Started by Zophim, May 22, 2013, 12:01:31 pm

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Character Name:
Character Class:
Character Race:
Boxed Character Name:
Box Character Class:
Boxed Character Race:

Playtimes: (note: "often", "weekdays" "too much" etc are not acceptable answers to this question. We are looking for days and times we can expect you online)

Mumble Access (Required): Y/N
Mumble Mic: Y/N

BoW Sponsor (if you have one-- not required):

- Tell us about your past MMO experience: (ex: what other games have you played, for how long, what are your major accomplishments in those games, etc)

- List your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them:

- Briefly describe your raiding experience:

- What makes you an asset to a 'hardcore raiding guild' such as BoW?

- How did you hear about us?

- Anything else you wish to tell us about yourself? (Make your app stand out from the rest of the flock)