Torvonnilous Population Reconstruction

Started by Catastrophe, November 30, 2013, 01:35:25 pm

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Jub was Jubal.

Accidic (Dark Elf, Cleric)
Anlah (Wood Elf, Priest)
Rakle (Iksar, Monk)
Sielle (High Elf, Enchanter)

Gnimsh was definitely a gnome.  I know there are a couple more that are in the back of my mind but I can't think of them atm.

And for a giggle and a short stint...
Patten (Dwarf, Warrior)

Kinthas - Wood Elf Ranger

I have hundreds of names in my head - literally - but I've been trying to avoid this thread because I'll never dig them all out of there. :P


Meta question.  Does a toon count multiple times if it changes ownership and name?  Cause if so, you need Bigred ranger.... (best 70k plat I ever spent in-game).

I had almost forgotten that name. Why didn't you keep it again? :P


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Hello Cata and everyone else!

After finding this post I searched my appartment for anything, a printout, anything on paper that I might have left over from Torvo.
There are only nostalgic memories now. I moved twice since that time, so whatever I had is probably gone by now.  :'(

And hey Gav, wasn't there a cleric named Kitt or something? I think he was a halfling.
And hey Gav, here I always thought Gid and you were RL friends, since I mostly grouped with the two of you at the same time. And wasn't he a Barbarian but always using his DE mask?

Rien (wood elf ranger)

Hey Rien!  Good to see you around.  Good call on Kitt, forgot that one.

Gid and I weren't friends IRL, we just met at the very beginning of Torv and pretty much had the same schedule and grouped together a lot.

So many names in this thread that I'd forgotten!  ^_^

Bigred my ranger tank for the planes, ah the memories :)

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OK, here's some list I came up with that I don't think were already mentioned.

Yeah, I don't really remember all these people, most came from this raid I have logged, hoho.

monk -
Shaijin (human?)
? Krissi (human)
Palmn (you had him listed as Palm)
Kssor (iksar)
Fistar (human)
Cordan (iksar?)
Rakle (iksar)
Fiel (human)
Relixander (human)
Rakard (human)
Sleil (iksar)

ranger -
rien (wood elf)
? Benj (wood elf?)

druid -
Shara (wood elf)
Vowe (wood elf)
Nappyfoot (halfling)
Zarathrustra (halfling)
Krissta (human)
Fleetfoot (halfling)
tobben (halfling)
Syphr (wood elf)
Minie (wood elf)
Abbr (human)

wizard -
Myght (gnome)
Tsoy (high elf)
Krysus (gnome)
Narik (high elf??)
?? Cyphon (???)
?? Qutee (gnome?)
Agony (dark elf)
Fuedwyn (high elf)

paladin -
Kandrick (dwarf)
Kassim (dwarf)
?? Barem (human? high elf?)
?? Larimor (high elf?)

cleric -
Rummie (dwarf)
Oaken (dwarf)
Grundie (dwarf)
Kitt (halfling?)
Kenar (dark elf)
Leelu (high elf)
Radrok (dwarf)
Vixar (dark elf)
Maal (dwarf)
Krisania (high elf)
Namia (fear getting Absalom but not Namia, omfg... uh, high elf, I think)
Vdar (dark elf)
Storr (erudite)
Drakking (dark elf)
Kotetsu (dwarf)
Modus (dark elf)
Careden (high elf)

necro -
Jinxter (gnome)
Calli (dark elf)
Tdayr (dark elf)
Zoth (iksar)
Notsew (gnome)
?? Uumma (dark elf?)
?? Razed (dark elf?)
Lizster (iksar)

rogue -
Zeratos (wood elf)
Gidaen (was a dark elf)
Guttin (halfling)
Nalaynia (wood elf)
Stabbjoo (halfling)

Enchanter -
Muchacha (high elf)
Mezjoo (high elf)
Gelroos (high elf)
Chesa (dark elf)
?? Lornic (high elf)
Djindar (high elf?)
Felinea (high elf)
Calesta (high elf)
Izlude (high elf)
Athan (high elf)

Magician -
? Giov (high elf?)
Jigger (high elf)
Luminati (high elf)
?? Ayumi (high elf?)
?? Vigyd (high elf?)
Aandiwen (high elf)
Vapor (gnome)
Thagi (gnome)
Idayen (erudite)
Belmaker (erudite)
Beepbeep (gnome)
? Brisnic (erudite)

warrior -
Braun (ogre)
Phonics (troll)
Zamrum (troll)
Thanos (troll)
Tomsc (ogre)
Konga (dwarf)
Seylew (barbarian)
Farli (dwarf)
Tanthilus (half elf)
Destrukto (was an ogre)
Raggok (troll?)

bard -
Slappi (wood elf)
Elvez (half elf)
Windaria (human)
Alec (dark elf)
Thebes (was a wood elf)
Domick (half elf)

shaman -
Ebit (barbarian)
Heptalonis (shaman)
Over (barbarian)
Oduron (barbarian)
Upup (barbarian)

shadow knight -
obak (ogre)
rhian (dark elf)
Malyerysh (troll)
Nazlak (troll)

unknown -
Wardoktor (cleric?)
Perin (druid?)

and just in case your interested,

i'll attach the loot distribution i used from the GoT Trak raid, I think I edited out a few bits of trash talking, jaja

hrm, having issues with attachment

here it is:

April 29, 2014, 12:19:24 pm #25 Last Edit: April 29, 2014, 12:22:04 pm by Nurika
Nurika (Ranger, Woodelf) BoW/Monolith
Klarabel (Druid, Woodelf) BoW/Reign in Power
Morthos (Highelf, Paladin) BoW/Monolith
Dernalin (Halfelf, Rogue)
Zyrrael (Human, Warrior) Bow/Monolith
Starcow (Highelf, Cleric) Nexxus of Faith
Pede (Halfling, Cleric) Nexxus of Faith
Majeki (?, wizard) Monolith
Krieger (Barbarian, warrior)

Some guild names I sorta remember off the top of my head:

<New Dawn Rising>
<Subversive Destiny>
<Reign in Power>
<Voices Within>

So many names I remember! eq was probably the only mmo I loved and absolutely hated at the same time.

Still have ptsd from summoning mod rods for 2 years

alot of spam:

NoF roster as of 2004

      Name   Class   Race   Level   Epic   Sex   Total   Average      
   Daluas Saxplayer   Bard   Half Elf   65      
   Faldorian   Bard   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Tistalion   Bard   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Vardie   Bard   Half Elf   65         4   65.00
   Moshysh   Beastlord   Iksar   65   25%   
   Zelg   Beastlord   Troll   65         2   65.00
   Ansgaar   Cleric   Dwarf   65      
   Ariadnna   Cleric   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65   -   
   Calelanye   Cleric   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Cylvia   Cleric   Human   65   36%   
   Cythia   Cleric   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Drakyria   Cleric   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Envie   Cleric   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Fjotte   Cleric   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Kaniedo   Cleric   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Kinekko   Cleric   Dwarf   65      
   Kokoba Koko   Cleric   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65   -   
   Lymi   Cleric   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Pede LinG   Cleric   Halfling   65      
   Tinidok   Cleric   Gnome   65      
   Wardoktor   Cleric   Halfling   65         15   65.00
   Aidal   Druid   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Algaris   Druid   Halfling   65      
   Blodtage   Druid   Human   65      
   Dekku   Druid   Halfling   65      
   Depheni   Druid   Human   65   65%   
   Faethran   Druid   Half Elf   65      
   Jaeson   Druid   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Parataxis Zeno   Druid   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Perigee   Druid   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Rodrey   Druid   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Roonik   Druid   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65         11   65.00
   Aberylena   Enchanter   Erudite   65      
   Aivy   Enchanter   Human   65      
   Bouncykitty   Enchanter   Human   65      
   Brackes   Enchanter   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65   -   
   Ceni   Enchanter   Human   65   -   
   Claryes   Enchanter   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Divonax   Enchanter   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65   5%   
   Gwennyth   Enchanter   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65   -   
   Izzella   Enchanter   Erudite   65   74%   
   Lullia   Enchanter   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Trial_Izaeldore   Enchanter   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Ubium   Enchanter   Erudite   65         12   65.00
   Alorion   Magician   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65   94%   
   Faelhahn   Magician   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Ghan   Magician   Troll   65      
   Shadowers Stayv   Magician   Human   65      
   Trial_Faelhahn   Magician   - Unknown -   65      
   Trial_Liandrinn   Magician   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65   85%   
   Wahsan   Magician   Human   65   -      7   65.00
   Cordan   Monk   Iksar   65      
   Drengen   Monk   Human   65      
   Fadir   Monk   Human   65      
   Girth   Monk   Human   65      
   Layny   Monk   Human   65   15%      5   65.00
   Ghaza   Necromancer   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Lucrecia   Necromancer   Erudite   65   5%   
   Trial_Evilbeing   Necromancer   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Trial_Jologs   Necromancer   Iksar   65   -   
   Trial_Mortall   Necromancer   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65   62%   
   Trial_Tskik   Necromancer   - Unknown -   65   -   
   Zaskorak   Necromancer   Iksar   65   58%      7   65.00
   Beamian   Paladin   Half Elf   65      
   Claen   Paladin   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Eldeorn   Paladin   Human   65   -   
   Gauvain   Paladin   Human   65   -   
   Sviss   Paladin   Human   65   -   
   Wyzguy   Paladin   Dwarf   65   -   
   Zecky Silverbeard   Paladin   Dwarf   65         7   65.00
   Arglebargle   Ranger   Human   65      
   Avory   Ranger   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65   88%   
   Nayer Sgiathach   Ranger   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65   -   
   Toya   Ranger   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Trial_Drangson   Ranger   - Unknown -   65   -   
   Trial_Huanon   Ranger   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65   88%   
   Trial_Jessica Blume   Ranger   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65         7   65.00
   Dernalin   Rogue   Half Elf   65      
   Fidden   Rogue   Halfling   65      
   Ganiff Eatsdasweets   Rogue   Halfling   65      
   Kelvenie Nightblade   Rogue   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Laks   Rogue   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Noldinar   Rogue   Halfling   65      
   Rybekka   Rogue   Half Elf   65      
   Saulot Bloodfiend   Rogue   Barbarian   65      
   Shadde   Rogue   Barbarian   65      
   Snik   Rogue   Halfling   65      
   Symbio   Rogue   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Theolin   Rogue   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65      
   Trial_Dravehn   Rogue   Barbarian   65         13   65.00
   Hyru   Shadow Knight   Human   65   22%   
   Kerrigan   Shadow Knight   Human   65   22%   
   Koorinn Nephele   Shadow Knight   Human   65   40%   
   Trial_Vlad   Shadow Knight   - Unknown -   65   -      4   65.00
   Gryndel   Shaman   Barbarian   65      
   Guicey   Shaman   Iksar   65   80%   
   Halamdar Ubear   Shaman   Barbarian   65      
   Sarorf   Shaman   Barbarian   65      
   Slacethehard   Shaman   Barbarian   65   70%   
   Stardestroyer   Shaman   Barbarian   65         6   65.00
   Anlas   Warrior   Wood Elf (Fier'Dal)   65   -   
   Catamander Zeno   Warrior   Barbarian   65   -   
   Choppin Dwagons   Warrior   Ogre   65   -   
   Egeed Supertramp   Warrior   Ogre   65   40%   
   Equirs   Warrior   Barbarian   65   80%   
   Icefist   Warrior   Barbarian   65   80%   
   Judgemax   Warrior   Ogre   65      
   Maddil LinG   Warrior   Halfling   65   -   
   Morvan   Warrior   Barbarian   65   60%   
   Tickk   Warrior   Barbarian   65   80%   
   Trial_klandathu   Warrior   Ogre   65   -   
   Wudadorf   Warrior   Barbarian   65   40%      12   65.00
   Eumelzan LinG   Wizard   Gnome   65      
   Kamier   Wizard   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Leesa Stormryder   Wizard   Gnome   65      
   Liwi   Wizard   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Mewcenary   Wizard   Human   65      
   Nenelyan   Wizard   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Paul   Wizard   High Elf (Koada'Dal)   65      
   Thewizalon   Wizard   Gnome   65      
   Trial_Celinea   Wizard   - Unknown -   65   -   
   Trial_Groobansheer   Wizard   - Unknown -   65   -   
   Vysha   Wizard   Dark Elf (Teir'Dal)   65      
   Yaernin Talekeeper   Wizard   Erudite   65      

Blades roster as of 2004

Bard (4)               
   Bereg   65   Impressario   Wood Elf
   Manolo   65   Impressario   Half Elf
   Rampagious   65   Impressario   Wood Elf
   Uuluvil   65   Impressario   Wood Elf
Beastlord (4)               
   Falkonik   65   Elder   Vah Shir
   Jumala   65   Elder   Vah Shir
   Kizh   65   Elder   Troll
   Snizzal   65   Elder   Vah Shir
Cleric (12)   
   Ammadala   65   Exarch   Dark Elf
   Burmaten   65   Exarch   Dwarf
   Eyene   65   Exarch   High Elf
   Neia   65   Exarch   High Elf
   Sierra   65   Exarch   High Elf
   Jubal   65   Exarch   High Elf
   Cassey   65   Exarch   High Elf
   Edko   65   Exarch   Dwarf
   Arakias   65   Exarch   High Elf
   Joraca $   65   Exarch   High Elf
   Migi   65   Exarch   Dark Elf
   Madeline   65   Exarch   Dwarf
   Mortigana   65   Venerable   Human
   Nikard   65   Venerable   High Elf
   Qualin   65   Venerable   High Elf
   Rolgof   65   Venerable   Dwarf
   Relixandria   65   Venerable   Human
   Syran   65   Exarch   Dwarf
   Xzascha   65   Exarch   Dark Elf
Druid (5)               
   Caean   65   Elder   Human
   Misticwolf   65   Elder   Wood Elf
   Nilwean   65   Elder   Wood Elf
   Selune * * $   65   Elder   Wood Elf
   Zaara   65   Elder   Wood Elf
   Perum   65   Elder   Hobbit
   Anlah   65   Elder   Wood Elf
Enchanter (6)               
   Brisnic   65   Sage   Erudite
   Cersers   65   Sage   Erudite
   Ganand   65   Sage   Dark Elf
   Harleen   65   Sage   High Elf
   Kelar   65   Sage   Dark Elf
   Sober $   65   Sage   High Elf
Magician (2)               
   Aalnay   65   Sage   Dark Elf
   Ylaine (R)   65   Sage   High Elf
Monk (5)               
   Ganon   65   Sensei   Human
   Nahsai* *  $   65   Sensei   Iksar
   Palmy    65   Sensei   Human
   Relixander   65   Sensei   Human
   Shaukhan* *    65   Sensei   Iksar
   Walanaw   65   Sensei   Iksar
Necromancer (2)               
   Pablos   65   Lich   Erudie
   Reptor   65   Lich   Iksar
   Talyn   65   Lich   Iksar
Paladin (3)               
   Dafdy 65   Duke   Dwarf
   Icabod   65   Duke   Dwarf
   Calyndria   65   Duchess   Hi Elf
Ranger (4)               
   Catastrophe   65   Hunter   Wood Elf
   Kilaen   65   Hunter   Wood Elf
   Kolbjorn (R)$* *    65   Hunter   Human
   Palee   65   Hunter   Wood Elf
   Kvasha   65   Hunter   Wood Elf
Rogue (4)               
   Marneus   65   Marauder   Half Elf
   Shamroc   65   Marauder   Barbarian
   Tandayil   65   Marauder   Dark Elf
   Nalaynia   65   Marauder   Wood Elf
   Vengen   65   Marauder   Wood Elf
Shaman (4)               
   Corath   65   Elder   Barbarian
   Gangaskan   65   Elder   Barbarian
   Jenen   65   Elder   Barbarian
   Thawing   65   Elder   Barbarian
   Warguren   65   Elder   Barbarian
Shadowknight (2)               
   Maelyce   65   Duke   Dark Elf
   Skaxx   65   Duke   Human
Warrior (8)               
   Borris   65   Marshall   Dwarf
   Hammerhands   65   Marshall   Dwarf
   Kimo   65   Marshall   Barbarian
   Kriegar   65   Marshall   Barbarian
   Lenorf   65   Marshall   Barbarian
   Roehm   65   Marshall   Barbarian
   Sayvoxia   65   Marshall   Dwarf
   Sythrak *** $   65   Marshall   Iksar
Wizard (8)               
   Eldritch   65   Sage   High Elf
   Fablatin   65   Sage   Gnome
   Fenturi   65   Sage   High Elf
   Jakarta   65   Sage   High Elf
   Punx   65   Sage   High Elf
   Shadak   65   Sage   Erudite
   Shantul   65   Sage   Erudite
   Tandaman   65   Sage   Erudite

IR roster 2004

Arcum       Impressario   65   [Magelo]
Desdenova       Muse   65   [Magelo]
Mellowman       Impressario   65   [Magelo]
Palladia       Impressario   65   [Magelo]
Pastorious       Impressario   65   [Magelo]

Manglore       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Nerdok       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Vecious       Elder   65   [Magelo]

Annya       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Calismic       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Caltus       Venerable   65   [Magelo]
Crystalys       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Fadyena       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Fanaddar       Venerable   65   [Magelo]
Genguin       Venerable   65   [Magelo]
Grorig       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Jehni       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Karar       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Kiaralynn       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Leelu       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Muun       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Nalaru       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Oridon       Venerable   65   [Magelo]
Quentar       Venerable   65   [Magelo]
Reve       Baroness   65   [Magelo]
Sydesho       Exarch   65   [Magelo]
Tuntun       Venerable   65   [Magelo]

Aeaan       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Blumpkin       Venerable   65   [Magelo]
Daggothoakhand       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Footsie       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Kluolyenae       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Rakguk       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Seriana       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Tyenu       Elder   65   [Magelo]

Aerno       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Aldenya       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Blofeld       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Elise       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Iandamar       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Ntol       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Rayimalon       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Rtwo       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Zammis       Sage   65   [Magelo]

Aabiamno       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Alenon       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Calidonian       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Eeline       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Falditen       Master   65   [Magelo]
Maediil       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Ptarmigan       Master   65   [Magelo]
Yoscouskas       Sage   65   [Magelo]

Mephy       Sensei   65   [Magelo]
Sight       Sensei   65   [Magelo]
Strikeraven       Sensei   65   [Magelo]

Darksoulz       Lich   65   [Magelo]
Deafrow       Lich   65   [Magelo]
Dravine       Lich   65   [Magelo]
Kalyae       Lich   65   [Magelo]
Ravenelf       Lich   65   [Magelo]
Useeria       Lich   65   [Magelo]
Valdarin       Lich   65   [Magelo]

Eventine       Sir   65   [Magelo]
Galaron       Duke   65   [Magelo]
Kneesmasher       Sir   65   [Magelo]
Sigmundooze       Duke   65   [Magelo]
Travi       Duke   65   [Magelo]
Truks       Sir   65   [Magelo]

Deamien       Hunter   65   [Magelo]
Evest       Hunter   65   [Magelo]
Foun          65   [Magelo]
Fraunsac       Hunter   65   [Magelo]
Llantius       Hunter   65   [Magelo]
Maridious       Hunter   65   [Magelo]
Silveraxe       Hunter   65   [Magelo]
Taac       Hunter   65   [Magelo]
Teaalk       Hunter   65   [Magelo]

Adhamh       Marauder   65   [Magelo]
Bekka       Marauder   65   [Magelo]
Blaadz       Marauder   65   [Magelo]
Karalyn       Marauder   65   [Magelo]
Shadoesbane       Marauder   65   [Magelo]
Sindisruptor       Marauder   65   [Magelo]
Surdatil       Marauder   65   [Magelo]

Aberari       Duchess   65   [Magelo]
Garrmond       Duke   65   [Magelo]
Larazel       Duchess   65   [Magelo]
Vayin       Duke   65   [Magelo]
Xalen       Duke   65   [Magelo]

Angues       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Axlerod       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Chaa       Venerable   65   [Magelo]
Chayton       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Fribber       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Kobgag       Elder   65   [Magelo]
Moko       Elder   65   [Magelo]

Binnamer       Veteran   65   [Magelo]
Denali       Marshall   65   [Magelo]
Fleas       Marshall   65   [Magelo]
Kokonut       Marshall   65   [Magelo]
Reghar       Marshall   65   [Magelo]
Thinman       Marshall   65   [Magelo]
Torr       Marshall   65   [Magelo]

Bamdily       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Elathermin       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Fuzius       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Geedar       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Mannayer       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Meethos       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Rhyagelle       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Tyanya       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Xenten       Sage   65   [Magelo]
Zakiwi       Sage   65   

I have way to much free time on the internet

LOL, my brother's beastlord is on IR's roster.

Oh man, the memories in this thread.

I still remember Kilogramm making vague threats after I did a run by faction hit steal on a King Tormax kill.  :)

I was also a fan of training Velkator to the entrance and then vanishing.

I also never got a damn dagger from Fennin Ro or Cursed.

But overall great times, experiences I'll never have again.  Maybe  experiences I don't want to have again?

Fitzgerald - Rogue