Torvonnilous Population Reconstruction

Started by Catastrophe, November 30, 2013, 01:35:25 pm

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I should figure out how to run it on a mac, hehe.

Quote from: Devoboy on November 04, 2019, 10:12:33 am
I should figure out how to run it on a mac, hehe.

You could just use a dual boot program, bootcamp is what it is for Mac. Windows 10 keys can be picked up on eBay for like $8, and everything else can be downloaded through pretty quickly. We're in the discord chat as well if anyone needs help. It's fun to login and run around.

So I'm up and running. Bought a windows key from eBay for $5 and a flash drive for $6. Some trial and error with patches and all seems fine. I realize I don't know how to play or know my way around anymore, hah.

Once I was powerful and just like that, noob.

It didn't help that I picked a monk, when I only ever seriously played a necro. :)

random gibber jabber;

Last changelog thing is from 2019.  Nobody uses that anymore, eh?

I played the 'Return of Reckoning' player run Warhammer Online server for a bit.

I think I should have played  Black Desert.  I guess it's about the best you'll get in terms of .. paying a large amt of money for a game that (at least used to be? haven't checked in like a year) isn't pay to win, just pay to make things convenient. 

Too many people paying to win, just too lucrative to pass that money up.

Well, there is that 'New World' crap from Amazon (that got delayed).  Don't think that's going to  be pay to win.   What else?

Sirakova/Ankara here. Former Blood of the Pheonix/Sacrosanct (those bastards hah!) Monolith and finally went to the dark side of Blades of Wrath.

I quit EQ for a long long time, but came back to play project 99, which is an emulated server with about 1-2k population that only has the original, Kunark and Velious expansions. Its been a blast!

Wow!  How'd I stumble into this???

It's been AGES!  Hope everyone is well


Original Ranak here (until late 2001) then WoW and Vanguard. Haven't played an MMO since. Serious nostalgia trip here. Hope you're all well!