Started by ehmcee, July 12, 2014, 07:08:49 pm

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Anyone had a serious look at this game yet? I have heard it has some sand-box aspects and an open-beta is coming up so just curious if anyone has given this a more in-depth look or has gotten into the betas. I believe there is no NDA, so any perspective would be appreciated.

Just an fyi there's quite a few BoW members that will be going in to Archeage this week. Soki, Raz, Fen, Kallen, Crittin, Behind, Uksa, Ehmcee, Serce, Hammerak, Cummings and I'm sure I missed a few. Going East side but don't know the server yet if anyone is going to check it out feel free to come hang out. We'll see how everything works out in the long run but regardless, the BoW tag will be up and running on release, and we will be playing together no matter what the long-term tag is.

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Apparently there are shitloads of bots running around to sell stuff, Aion style.  I guess that means this isn't (technically) a pay to win mmorpg?

I've been looking for something to play, but I dunno about starting a game that's already been out about a month.  I'd prefer to start something in the beta, laf..

oh, shit, i see a play for free button on the top of their website.  weetweet

haha, i just mailed ncsoft to try to get my main aion account back.  wonder if the secondary one has anything on it that's like super expensive now... like reminds me of logging on some ancient EQ account and having a handful of those things that let you bind anywhere

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There's a huge bot population in the game, even with gm's and trion working on the issue. We'll see how it plays out.

I would say it's pay to win in the regard that if you don't own land, and plan on crafting or amassing gold it's not very likely. With that said you can buy a month of subscription with 65 or so gold which isn't very hard to get.

If you plan on pvp, dungeons, raids then there really isn't a big need to subscribe to the game. If you plan on crafting and farming then its undoable without one. So far BoW has been mainly farming, crafting, grinding out Hasla weapons, and running the group dungeons.

We are on the Aranzeb server East side. Highly outnumbered by West. 36 people in the guild at the moment, with probably half of them being online nightly. Most of the nightly guys are the people that played with us on the Sleeper and the more casuals are the guild that we had merged with in Rift. We have long-term plans of merging if the raid situation calls for it but right now our numbers are fine. All and all fun game, there's simply a shit ton to do all the time but it isn't the standard A to B to C game. Would be a long drawn-out post if I tried to explain the end game at the moment. Regardless like I said the game is worth playing, I'm certainly having a good time.