<The Faceless Order> on Red!

Started by Nagger, November 25, 2014, 02:43:15 pm

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I've revived TFO onto Project 1999 red server. Group xp bonuses in place. Send tell to itacoL if you want to play :)

Aw, come to Rolforn zek, it's faster pace and awesome pvp rewards/objectives/leaderboards. Good dev team too.

I keep calling it rolforn zek but its actually return of zek now.   And i'm still here, 60 cleric,ranger,chanter necro, if anyone feels like joining in i'm usually on Sean or Chuck,  You can get to 50 quick with a /claim so you are in range of your friends,  then be on your guards! Two boxing max. Good people,  great rewards, Great dev staff.

I've been hiding out on p99 blue server, in IB now.

I just recreated toons on The Sleeper server with Aber. I gotta say I love the emulated servers even more after playing for ~6 months on Live. I don't need a dozen hotkey and filter windows to play this way. :P


     I'm on P99 blue.  Look up Sociopath sometime, 59rog, almost 60.  I mostly do casual playing due to the immense amount of drama raiding causes on the server.

Yeah i dont see myself ever going back to 99, They do a good job and all, its just too many people for too little content, and some funky rules.  The only chance i would consider it, is if they released velious and did a clean wipe and split it up on a couple servers. Still allow 2 boxing or even 3(max) to keep populations robust, but make everyone start from level one, progression lock kunark and velious, and do a reset on legacy items.  I hate the grind, but when you do it from scratch with a whole bunch of people it makes it much more enjoyable.  Finding groups with strangers, meeting new people or befriending what would have been enemies before, whatever, would be much more fun to me than joining an already established server with no chance at an enjoyable raid scene. 

     Nismo, Keels.....whata re your names on P99?