Old school everquest

Started by Sirakova99, August 03, 2021, 04:47:09 am

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Hey guys!

I play p99 now during classic/kunark/velious does anyone still have any old screenshots of cloth caps dropping off warders?

Blades of Wrath
Torvonnilous/Fennin Ro

Ha. I'd forgotten about that.

So looking back at how we did encounters years ago and how we do them on Project 99 is amazing. We never had the level of gear/clickies or even just legacy gear on Torvonnilous. Killing Klandicar/Zlandicar in basically planar gear, no clickies like wort pots, Reapers, DA idols, Bladestoppers, AoW, Tormax all that. We had some amazing folks across guilds who played with trash connections on computers that could barely render 60 people in a raid.

Playing P99 has brought back alot of memories. The biggest regret was not joining Blades of Wrath earlier. Raiding warders, TOV, AoW as a joint effort was lots of fun, but it probably would have been more fun at the tip of the spear.

You carried dozens of stacks of arrows to shoot at Ventani yet?  ;D

I totally forgot about that, we did however just down the Avatar of War last night for the server first. what a long fight!