New Baby Girl

Started by Rampagious, May 11, 2006, 07:22:15 am

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This morning at 5:15 AM Michelle Lee was born. She was under weight but completly healthy none the less. I am currently going on 39 hours without sleep. Thats chump change, I know. nothing like a 3 day grind in PoFire or RSS.
    Anyways, hope yall doin good. I miss the folks from my era; but I'm sure I'll see some of yall again. Get OMM for me just once please.

Congrats Ramp~

Hope she looks like her mother har.

Congratulations!  Just in time for Mother's Day!!!

3 Days in fire is nothing =P Good to hear man, hope all is going well.

Grats! Is she a Bard?!?ONE11!LLAMA!!111
Bereg Spellsynger

Grats Ramp!  Must be very exciting!  No Vanguard for joo!

Congratz on the new baby, hope everything is going allright for ya.

Gratz to you and Mom Ramp! Theres nothing like a new baby to make life interesting. God bless ya'll.  :D

pics of the baby girl????

Soon. I have about 700 of them allready, however you all know how well I do with things like hosting.