So this one time is Velious...

Started by Roehm, February 21, 2007, 05:16:19 pm

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We had a slumber party but guess who woke up?


Now I"ll never be able to get my epic!

That was my first time playing  a wizard. Irieone was a gimp :p

Haha, There is some names i haven't seen in years, lotta good memories.

Didn't Accidic start playing another toon?

I miss that UI~

The best time i ever had in my EQ days was Velious and the Sacrosanct drama.

I remember that, I was playing some wizard for that. Prophis? Maybe. I remember Feamir ran to Skyshrine to see what the Sleeper did there and hear the shouts :P
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Quote from: "Roehm"We had a slumber party but guess who woke up?


I'm surprised you weren't asleep when the sleeper was awaken!

j/k <3 u roe  Halas 4 life!

Hey now, I was awake for server firsts, worldwide thirds (AoW, and first world wide without charmed giants), and for lewtz!!

I fell asleep once that I can remember. Vex thal I think. By asleep I mean out, not a few minutes of dozing. That was more frequent.

i fell asleep during THE most important rathe council raid (i think?)

Which one, once we had the fight on lockdown we mowed them down regularly...

Dual wield Gnoll Hide Lariats for the win!