Started by Rayien, March 30, 2005, 03:53:49 am

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Yo looking forward to whatever might occur on the server merge! Hopefully it will instill the competition that was once on Fennin awhile back.

Meet, The Mystical Order @

They will be your competition as they are also in Anguish/Tacvi!

I do believe they have a thread about meeting you guys in "The Rotation" so hey lets just have milk and cookies broz lolz :))

No really, this might cause me to start playing again but ok see you guys in May !

QuoteThey will be your competition as they are also in Anguish/Tacvi!

In more of a rivalry way than actual competition, I'd assume?  I guess we'll see what happens.  2 months is still quite a long ways out.


Actual competition died with GoD.  

As much as I'd love to relive the glory days on Fennin with 130+ people in zones like ToV, Ssra, Plane of Fire and Kael or of waking up at 4:30AM, calling up the entire guild franticly to remind them that Cursed is up and if we don't kill it now those bastards in the Asian guilds will, then hopefully being back asleep by 7 thus dropping my GPA down another point, it's never going to happen.  ( I <3 run-on sentences! )

I'll reluctantly just keep enjoying the instanced content and hope that we can have a friendly rivalry which makes both our guilds better.

Look forward to seeing you all on Fennin Ro, and thank god I don't actually need to learn to spell the name of your server.  6 years played on Fennin, you can't teach an old dog like me new tricks.

At least Fennin Ro is easy enough to remember. :)

Rule of thumb on fennin ro.....

never pee into the wind....

That is all


If this merge brought back guild drama, spawn races, and competition I would unretire in a heartbeat.

Too bad instances killed all that.

Le sigh.  :P

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Hi guys, looking forward to meeting you all. I'm a long standing member of The Mystical Order and a former officer. I do our website's updates (No I'm not crazy) and also help out a bit with some other things. I've created a channel on fennin for us all to get to know each other it is:

channel: fenninro.TorvRo
password: cookies

Stop by and say hi sometime, especially any gnomes or wizards!


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What is a rogue? We use wizard power!

I don't think you know the definition of wizard powa until you've met Pier & Fabs omg. ><  Crazy wizards.

You need to activate my account on the TMO boards! Quick quick!

Some wizard excerpts from past updates!

PS: All pending forum accounts activated!

$$ ~ If I was at home, I'd bust out some of my favorite wizzy screenshots!