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Patch day 05/12
« on: May 12, 2004, 10:45:37 am »
Well, another patch day.  Looks like I can tank without 2 clerics now (as if you could find 2 online at the same time anyway).  Now if only they made druids and shamans able to heal, we could actually do some grouping!

Anyway, here's the message.  Enjoy.

May 12th, 2004

Gates of Discord content retuned!

Gates of Discord
- Zone experience modifiers were increased in all zones from Tipt/Vxed and beyond.
- Natimbi, Qinimi, Barindu, Riwwi, and Ferubi should be tuned more appropriately for their intended level ranges.
- NPCs will no longer hit for max damage as often. Knights in particular should find it easier to tank the NPCs they previously had difficulty with.
- Ikkinz -- Guilds no longer have to flag every member in order to complete the Ikkinz trials. Only one person needs to complete all events/raids to start the seventh Ikkinz trial. At that point, all players who complete the seventh trial will get full credit for the zone.
- NPC innates have been adjusted to behave a little more reasonably.
- Zone travel has been made easier. Animal aggression was lowered by changing their faction and See Invis percentages were reduced on several NPCs.
- Spell drops have been increased.
- Increased the rate of cash drops.
- The mini bosses in Qvic now have a more appropriate respawn rate. Their item drop rate has been increased to compensate for this.
- Breakdown in Communication quest now has improved rewards!</p>

More improvements to the collision system should make it a lot more difficult to get stuck.

The Eye of Zomm will once again open closed doors.
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