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More of the same
« on: June 14, 2004, 02:56:33 am »
So, I've been working like a fiend lately, but everyone assures me that guild-wise, we're still killing stuff.  As long as Sythrak is included in that list, I'm content knowing that things continue in my absence.

So, here's a screenshot I had hanging around.  This guy is the "boss" (very loosely used) of Qvic.

I was also told that it was of note that we've gotten some obscene number of armor drops from the goats in that zone (Zyrrael especially likes the goats), but I don't have any shots of them.  90hp augs are kinda cool, or at least the first few dozen were.  Now they just suck.  And mana augs... heh, somebody needs a beating over those.  But I digress...  The muramite armor is refreshing, so that'll do.

I'll have more current stuff for the next update.  I promise.  In the mean time, somebody find me a monkey that I can train to do my job for me (If I can do it, so can a half trained chimp) so I can get back to playing.  =)
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