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Revisiting Overlord Mata Muram
« on: June 22, 2005, 02:38:29 am »
Hats off to our recruitment team, because without them we would not have gained so many talented recruits in so short a time.

Sunday the 19th
Blades set out with less then a full raid force to the gates of Anguish. Keldovan the Harrier was taken down in short order, so fast in fact we decided to try our luck on Jevlan. In the top of the 3rd inning we managed to Down the tormenters and Rescue Jevlan. Moving on to ture we delivered his corpse quickly so that we could move on to the Warden. We managed to knock him out without much trouble and moved on to Arch Magus Vangl. He trounced us nicely, but we knew he would get his the next day.</p>

Monday the 20th
Blades returned to Anguish to finish what they had started. The clearing up to the Arch Magus was quick, and we proceeded to give him the quick heave ho. Lo and behold we were gifted with our first Breastplate after only facing him twice. Our fortune also gave us a pleathera of daggers which had been hiding from us since Planes of Power. Sated for now, we moved out to visit Yar`Lir the Matriarch and managed to knock him out on the first attempt.

Tuesday the 21st
Finally the big show down. We returned to visit Overlord Mata Muram determined to see what kind of fun the encounter would bring forth. Learned a lot and got him into the 80s on the 2nd attempt. We will return again soon. We moved on to Visit Rikkukin the Defender & Kessdona the Enlightened for a couple easy drops.

Three days of Plunder. I seem to like these pastures quite well, and hope all those that departed our enjoying theres as well. Grats to the following:

Reincarn, Morgrym and Lealain on there new epic 2.0s. Grats Skaxx on his new Duskbringer's Plate Chestguard of the Hateful. A nice selection of armor drops:

Lorilei and Chinto on Patarov's Walking Stick, Eyene on Makyah's Axe, and finally Robynne on a Muramite Cruelty Medal.  Kadaria on a Ring of Disdain, Krammer on Hanvar's Hoop, Linar on Dragorn Scale Cloak, Ankara on Shoulderpads of Warfare, Pier on Rigid Ring of Prowess, Lealain on Girdle of the Fleet, Robynne on Aneuk Dagger of Eye Gouging, Mallorian on Blood Polished Hammer, Arikron on Mask of Raining Tears, Hopstoo on Thundercrash Girdle, Heeth on Stormeye Band, Lorilei on Notched Blade of Bloodletting, Prixter on Polished Earring of Animosity, and finally Hydoran on Amice of Ill Will. Congratulations to all.</p>

In closing our guild jester bereg had a nice poem for Jelvan.

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