Fake Darkhosis

Started by darkhosis, February 16, 2012, 02:06:04 pm

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There's some fool running around claiming that he's been using the Darkhosis nick for 20 years.  Just a heads up that that isn't me (besides the fact that he's full of shit).

If anyone ever wants to contact me, I'm at , or the Facebook ID tied to !

I haven't played any MMORPGs in the last half a decade or so except for Warhammer & Aion.  So any jive turkey posting as 'Darkhosis' on something like SWTOR is some pos.

oh, he also jacked the 'darkhosis' youtube channel.   mine is www.youtube.com/drallax, jejeje

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I think a bunch of us are going to play GW2 when it hits, but you and your crafting drama are welcome to come (I read your Aion essays, wtf).  I haven't talked to Sayv or Envoy in awhile, but might try to hit them up too.  That is if Sayvs woman (women?) let him play haha.  Text me if you read this either of you fgts, I lost my old phone contacts awhile back.  You guys missed a get together with Rj last year~

I don't know what's up with MMO's these days but it's like they keep taking steps backwards with every new release.  GW2 looks pretty promising we might take a step forward this time.

GW2 looks promising.

However, the only thing I have in common with GW2 is the #2.

We are expecting twins in late July!


Nice man grats! I get my number one in late october. After all these years of teaching my boys to swim backwards, one decided he be a rebel and go exploring... /sigh

Holy shit, congrats Arakias!!


Wow awesome!  Congrats Arak!

wtf, i am the real darkhosis

omfg, lies.

that Darkhosis on youtube sounds like a fruitcake, jesus.

btw, I posted some everquest shit on nogleg.com/archive/Everquest

i'll probably eventually just put all my screenshots and logs on there, shit talking be damned

and there is a facebook page @


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bumping this thread to continue the information distributions about fake darkhosii.  youtube darkhosis = 'gamer down' darkhosis = same darkhosis that steals the name darkhosis on 90% of mmorpgs nowadays since i can't be bothered

to the point:

does anyone actually WANT me to post all these old EQ logs that are probably filled with shit talking?

also, FB: https://www.facebook.com/james.eze.5?ref=tn_tnmn
website with just a little EQ stuff on it atm: www.nogleg.com/archive
torvo page on facebook that has like.. 7 or 8 people on it, all from BoW I think: 


it's modeled off of https://www.facebook.com/groups/106914563312/  which is rather popular

and, yeah, i need a neutral image for the top, instead of some BoW biased stuff

oh.. there's also a guild page for a tunare guild i'm familiar with:


make one for BoW?

haha, i like how this is one of the first search results on bing, google, and yahoo

that fucking jackass.  i can never get my name on mmorpgs anymore.