Started by Bobf, December 20, 2012, 08:15:56 am

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Been a long time, just started lurking, curious who all else is out there lurking.

Bobf the berserker.

Talamier the bard.

I lurk as well... Over on Stormhaven (eqemulator) still, and helping with new content on a new server. Feel free to pop in and say hi! (Hiing is my main over there.)

Pshhh. I'd pop in and you'd abandon me a day later like in P99. (I kid)

You should pop in!
And speaking of abandonment, YOU left me first so you could go off and start a family(heavy sarcasm). all this time I've been waiting for you to come back with your kids as your box army, buuuuut no- you had to go and be a decent and
Respectable father.

Seriously though if you get bored Pop in:)

I actually dropped by the SH server on Saturday morning just to see what's up. I was the only one in Sigil online. :P

ah yeah i work saturday mornings . weve had about 3-5 people on the last few weeks.

And actually now that i recall, most of week all of eqemu was very unstable. they are doing the ROF client update so had a few kinks to work out. It's nice though cause now you can get a free copy of the most current content and use them on emu... or within the next few weeks anyway.

I lurked today... I thought of Blades while scrolling through some Steam groups and noticed "Blades of Wrath" a Shogun 2 clan.

Still lurking! (Weird, 9 years later!)

I think its funny I still check this board 8 years after retirement. Skaxx, fabs, tala, johny, devo whats up guys. Anything worth playing these days besides an eq emulator? Ive been out of the loop and miss online gaming.

I don't play anything online. I don't have the spare time—and really don't have the desire to find something that time-consuming anyway.

For me personally, it's been hectic. The last year or so has been crazy. Briefly on the negatives my wife's parents divorced. My dad and step mom (since I was 3? 4?) both died within a few months of each other, and we left our long-time church.

On the positive side, we now have 2 beautiful kiddos. Lucy is almost 4 and Everett is 2. We've finally paid off all our debts, and we found an incredible church. Aaaaaand, we're planning on moving out of state when I graduate with my MA in May (or as soon as possible thereafter, finding employment out of state notwithstanding.