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Started by Rampagious, September 10, 2013, 08:39:15 am

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Hey guys, not sure who still surfs these boards.... or who plays or what the state of BoW in eq truly is. Me.... I transferred off our old server and went to FV some years back and have been there ever since.... seen Soltaka from IR the other day and figured Id stop in. Whos still breathing? Currently were going through a transitionary phase of merging the top 2 guilds on the server... under a new banner. Kinda like the bow/mono debacle but with a 3rd party taking from both camps and creating something new. Ive enjoyed the new content... though Im not to happy about how easy it is to get max lvl/aa. Still takes some time but not nearly as much. XP bonus on FV server just speeds it up a bit to much. Anyways if anyone still plays EQ send me a tell on firiona... or even here. Take it ez!

I started playing back on live a few weeks back. Still on Torv (Cazic Thule ) now.  Game is pretty fun now.  I like all the new content too


yea Im not sure how but theyve kept it pretty interesting. Just got my prayer shawl 3.0 done and Im glad that is over with =p

http://valhallahguild.prophpbb.com/?sid=535999d370212fc729b6001bd1ec8a95  Guilds going strong with a fantastic core comprised of mostly 10 year plus players. Lacking a few things like warriors/chanters and the infamous healers in general. Fortunately we have some of the best geared/played knights on the server (they left the top guild on the server to help and be a part of this project) Weve cleared out the new ToV (save for vulak) and are pushing tier1 rof atm..... CoTF goes live tomorrow and our attention will focus on that. Im having a good time for sure. Hard to find a high end guild that isnt just a loot factory nowadays. If anyone plays on FV you should certainly check it out!

Tonight we changed recruitment policy. Basically the plan is to find old schoolers/experienced raiders willing to either transfer in their main from their server.... or to roll a lvl 1 on FV...the deal being a full power level of 100 with several thousand AAs. We realize this feature could be abused but were willing to take the gamble in the hope of finding talented players commited to their guild. Today (especially on FV) its a very quick process to do what were suggesting as well as gearing said toons in a matter of days. We are looking for warriors and clerics primarily, but we want people to play the character they love, and learn its abilities thoroughly. The commitment to us is minimum 2 days a week out of four we raid. mond-thursday 8pm-11pm est. Were currently completing t1 rof raids with a very minimal force of 30 or so talented players. If you have any interest in this endeavor you can reach Rampagious on FV or send me a message on these forums or vallhallahs linked above. Id love to see old faces. If you have any fear of not being able to "catch up" fear not. We WILL help. And if your coming from my past I can almost guarantee my personal assistance.


Created a ranger on FV today.  Not sure I am up to raiding guild with life and job atm.  but Ill chat ya up and bug you when I'm on


I've still got Ranak laying around somewhere, but he must be vastly out of date now days. I can't even imagine.

Ok so I finally made the plunge and started some toons on FV.  Extremely happy I did.  The guild is pretty solid right now and growing stong.  Has massive potential.  I highly encourage anyone who wants to play with some old friends to come join us.  Everyone has been really helpful getting my toons up to par from starting from scratch.

Would be really nice to see some old BoW faces come join our ranks ! 

Shant...... if you wanna come back to game id fuckin give you my SK... though frankly wed prefer another class. Being out of date is kinda hard to be these days. Gears droppable on fv and were swimming in lower tier raid shit from RoF..... tons of it. Fuckin hit me up on FV bro.. if you got the time.... fuckin come on with it. Aint hollered at you in forever and we got a really sweet guild goin here.

For reference abers been on server 2 days and weve already pled 3 of his toons to 80 with just under 1k aa. Whats your number bro?

Ok shant sent ya an email and a pm. If you see this shit hit me here ( http://valhallahguild.com/forums/ ) and if any of yall got a cell on shant please hit me up with it.

Ok, so basically where I am at is that I have my computer setup, but I can't login to EQ. I can get to the login screen, but it's glitching out. When I press enter world, nothing happens. I got on the phone with sony support today and they told me that it's more than likely my processor being overclocked that's causing it. So despite me wanting to play, it doesn't look like my computer and Sony wanna play nice.

We broke into tier2 last night... starting t2 raids in about an hour. Puttin a suit of cultural together for ya (gathering augs) but ill kinda need to know your race. If your gonna play a warrior only cultural I can make is WE/HE but we have tons of master crafters in guild. Still no luck fixin that issue? seems like everquest would be a breeze to play OCed.

So I am being told at this time that it may not be the dual core processor issue. However, I am still working with Sony to see if they can come up with a resolution. Some people think that the dual core problem has been resolved. Right now I am putting a solid state HDD in my computer, and I'm going to redownload the came and try it again.

I have some threads out on a few forums to see if I can get some help too