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Started by Rampagious, September 10, 2013, 08:39:15 AM

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ok bud. just gives me more time to get shit ready for ya. Aber made FM tonight.... We still want another good warrior or three.

Ok, so no matter what I should be on Friday. I am actually picking up a pimped out single core unit to play with haha. Also, I am sure I can dual comp with this. Would it be best if I created a few players to play together at a time?

Hey guys, so it would be a lot of fun if we could get some more old schoolers to come back and join us. The PL went quick....87 with 1700 aa and it would fun if you wanted to try out a different class. We're always looking for some more for the raid atmosphere, and it's been a blast to get back into. Good people, and the new content is pretty alluring. If you're bored and want to come back and kill some time in EQ come to Firona Vie! I'll bribe if needed!

Little update.  We are still going strong over on FV. having tons of fun.  Getting ready to break into tier 3 RoF.  Would love to see some more old BoW come join us!  Really solid crew we have going. 

Just completed the first raid in Cotf , working on 2nd one now.  Spots are filling up fast in raids.  Don't hesitate to come on over!

We just got into Tier 4 RoF last night!  Come join us.  We need clerics and DPS !

We nabbed a serverfirst cotf raid as wel day it was released. Would love to see more boW faces here. Its all we lack in essence.

All of CoTF on farm.  Should have Cotf tier 2 Tower raid on farm starting tomorrow.  Come join in the fun  with some old BoW!  Top guild on FV now!

I was telling Zophim a couple of weeks ago that I run my own squad of 85+'s on another server when I am bored. If I get some free time, I may decide to transfer over a toon or two.

A little update from us..... We've officially taken the top spot on the server and edged fire and fury out a bit, however it is still being contested. We have all content defeated with the exception of one raid... Plane of War.... which only one guilds beaten in the game atm..... ROI....... yet ANOTHER offshoot of BoW. It is literally 10 months from the day of creation, to now. Pretty successful guild and finally filling raids while the other guilds around us crumble.

Check it out! Valhallah.org

God I wish I had the time to join you:(

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I'm sorta tempted... to get Aber to level me, and try to play on weekends.   Tell me that's a bad idea.

edit: Ah.. just looked at your webpage.. you only play on weekdays.  I'm safe from EQ addiction!

Hah , how can i level you afk!  you could still come and just play on weekends for old time sake lol

Practically though, 95% of the value of an MMO is green text, so since it appears you don't have a dirty casuals classification, safe from that!   Maybe if in 2-3 years when I quit my 100% travel job.

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