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Started by Rampagious, September 10, 2013, 08:39:15 am

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And we finished CoTF last night. Raiding in The Void wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Fourth ranked and holding untill next xpac release 4 months from now. Fully functioning guild now with a full roster if anyone feels like getting on board its not hard to get upto speed. See a couple people poking around from time to time but unfortunately they dont have the time. Would love to see old friends in game. Enjoying playing with some of you again in bleeding edge content.

Bump... still looking for more members.  Everything on farm.  Looking forward to new expansion!  Give abernathic a tell on FV server if your interested!

What game is this even for now?!

-Kriegar 1.0/Jakarta/Leo

Everquest lol!  We are going to a transition period atm.  Going towards less requirements for guild.  Would be a great time for anyone wanting to come back.  Can use all classes.  Working our way levelling and progressing the newest expansion TDS now!

Sadly Valhallah as we know it is done.  Was a fun ride while it lasted..

To many left game and retired.  And population on FV server can't really sustain 3 raiding guilds. 

The feeling I got on the FV server was that it's just the last stop on the way to the retirement home. I mean, it was for me (as much as anything ever will be). Long term success is dependent on constantly rotating in new people as the old ones leave, and that's not a sustainable model.


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I still log into the game from time to time solo playing my bard.

Can the remaining consider going to a new server that is more active?

I could, but the 5 month taste of the game I had was enough for me. I'm back on the EMU with Aber and will probably just ride that out. Some interesting and at times crazy things going on with me right now anyway, so committing time isn't something I can do right now anyway.

We'd have to start over if we left FV anyway, wouldn't we?


Starting over. Yes, quit possibly. You would unless you do the instant level 85 option or possibly a server transfer if that is an option for you guys. I have done that a couple of times already.

I would not mind playing in a guild again if you guys decide to try again. Sometimes a new server may be the right move. If you do decide on doing that, let me know.

ah man jack and kurt both back on sleeper... Who else went back to the dark side. you guys are tempting me to load it up

That was sudden.  Y'all were like "omg no casuals", then kaboom!

So like... Kegz?  Y'all are cool with him now?

I've been screwing around in Warcraft/Uther/Alliance... figured I'd check out the 5 years of content I skipped.   It's nice playing a game that doesn't require boxing to do anything...

I still don't trust him but I'll invest minimal energy so I can hang with a few old pals