Started by Tzick Nul, May 26, 2014, 07:38:14 AM

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Heya, I'm going to be playing this with some friends. If anyone else is thinking about playing, we're going to roll exile PvE. As soon as server names are up I'll update with server name. Anyone else playing?

I'll be playing.  I think, however, my circle of friends will be going dominion, we're hashing that out now.  Personally, there is no difference, I also like that race doesn't effect game play. 

I do know that BoTS will be playing this game in force (Brother Hood of the Spider, Drow, etc.). They are a high end guild like us that have a lot of older members. If you guys are interested I'm sure I can hook you up with them.

The more the merrier.  I find it easier and more fun to play with old school gamers.

We started on pago server, dominion.

I hit level 50 if anyone's looking for assistance, hit me up.