New EQEMU server

Started by Abacab, July 05, 2014, 01:54:10 pm

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yup just checked this out.  IF you are coming over from Sleeper, good news is you can choose whether or not you want to levle directly to 50 with some low planar starter pieces, or if you want to start from scratch.  Abacab also put in several small tweaks that arent game breaking, but should help small population move about a lot easier.   I like it, would love to see some Sleeper or torvo folks load up!


Hey, is there any type of population here? Probably going to check it out.

Not yet. So far its just a couple of us.  I haven't been able to keep a stable connection since i switched to shitty windows 8, frequent zones crashes etc.  But i did have a bit of fun the few times i got on , even though i was solo.  It would take quite a few more people to get it to the point that content is doable but Abacab definitely did a lot of work , and kept it relatively painless for people coming back.  That does mean its not vanilla classic, but hey, i have a baby thats turning 2 soon so i dont really have the time for vanilla classic .