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...and I will be your host for the evening...
« on: June 13, 2006, 12:18:45 am »
Hello, boys and girls! I’m Bereg and I’ll be your tour guide for the latest antics and accomplishments of Blades of Wrath. We’ve been pretty busy here lately, getting everyone in shape and prepared for the Zone That AEs the Hell out of Everyone. I’m speaking of course about the DemiPlane of Blood!

As you can see, having a resist clicky for everyone is a sure-fire way to get Blades in good shape to resist the zone-wide AE, and put us Bards out of a fucking job. THANKS A LOT SONY! First you nerf Bards, then you turn everyone else into one! I’m not bitter, though.

A clicky weed whacker would be a better choice for this shrewd shrubbery. I didn’t have a screenshot, so I improvised. Gnarlibramble’s part of the new Prophecy of Ro expansion.

Another part of the expansion’s a big giant dog by the name of Ghost. We BoWn’d him. Here’s his killshot:

Off to Theater of Blood! It sounds like such a cheery place, doesn’t it? Whatever. It’s the home of this pain in the ass, Vasella. Yeah, we BoWn’d him, too.

We’re working on Hatchet the Torturer now. He looks a lot like Warden Hanvar, except Hatchet chases you around and you gotta duck between his legs, which is really insane if you sit down and think about it. Which you can’t, because he’s trying to steamroller you like a Ragefire gank. We’ll get the son of a bastage. Right in his virtual icehole.

Until our next update, I’ll leave you with our beloved Blades of Wrath coping with current events.

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